JoAnn Travis-Clark

Solo Recording Artist & Poet/Author



Sitting by my Winter Window

As I sit by my winter window and watch the snowflakes fall
I imagined life being all white with no fears at all
Life has a way of bringing many people to their knees
Asking and wondering why and definitely saying…please!

The winter window can be a brief moment of escape in time
Allowing meditation and quietness to overshadow your cloudy mind
The cares of this life seem to dim our judgment and views
To be happy or sad is our own option, which do you choose?

 I choose to be happy for this is a state of mind
And sitting by my winter window I get to leave my problems behind
Giving all that I cannot handle to the man upstairs
Sitting by my winter window leaves me peaceful and quiet and in a blank stare

Knowing that things are not as bad as they seem
In my winter window joy and hope flows upstream
Moods change when it rains, sleets or snow
That’s why I choose to sit by my winter window!

Leap Past Your Ditches-Young Man

To all of the young men out there
Know that many of us, still, do care
We know what you are faced with in this society
No matter what comes your way, seek the positive variety

You are influenced by much ignorance
Some say that you don’t stand a chance
But I come to tell you now
Seek guidance for the know how

You have been victimized by the “Don’t Care Syndrome”
Which leaves one lacking, without, or even just numb
Our young women rely on most of you to change
Because without such, you have narrowed their range

To choose from that is, a husband and a father of course
Our children need examples by hearing your voice
The voice of triumph that is
Showing love, discipline and respect to your kids

Traps have been set, and many have fell
Leap past your ditches and shape up so you can tell
How you overcame adversity in this dying world
Saving many men, women, boys and girls.

Once again, leap past your ditches of hard times
Show yourself strong, so that lady can smile and say, “He is mine!”
Show love and harmony to every man
And you will see others walk hand and hand.

Young man, please leap past your ditches
Dress for success, tuck your shirts, and pull up your britches
You are royalty, so educate yourselves and change this generation
LEAP PAST YOUR DITCHES, build self-esteems and save our nation!

Author of Poetry Book...
This poetry book was written to inspire our youth of today.  I have always had a special love for our young men and women because I loved taking part in the beauty of shaping them into successful human beings.  Young men and women long for guidance and I want to be found contributing positive attributes into our youth.  Poetry inspires on many levels and the words written in the book were strictly inspired by God for such a time as this. 


One day I woke up with an unction to write inspiring words to help our young people, and I immediately knew that the words that dropped in my spirit could have only come from God.  We all pray for change and that this world would get better, but in our praying, we must inspire, as well.  Our youth are in trouble if things continue as they are going right now, but we must STOP, pray and listen to the words of encouragement sent by God.

I am convinced that things will get better and that our youth will be saved.  I pray that we all wake up and learn how to truly love and help those in need.