JoAnn Travis-Clark

Solo Recording Artist & Poet/Author

Jo Ann Author of Poetry/Novels and Vocal Artist

Author of Poetry...

Jo Ann Travis-Clark has many inspired talents that she would like to share with the world allowing God to get the Glory out of her like.  She was inspired to write music, poems, plays and screenplays at a young age and it wasn't until recently, she decided to launch out.  This poetry book titled "Saving Our Youth Through Poetry" was written to inspire our youth of today.  She has always had a special love for our young men and women because she loves taking part in the beauty of shaping them into successful human beings.  Young men and women long for guidance and she wants to be found contributing positive attributes into our youth.  Poetry inspires on many levels and the words written in this book were strictly inspired by God for such a time as this.

One day she woke up with an unction to write inspiring words to help our young people as well as old, and she immediately knew that the words that dropped in her spirit could have only come from God.  We all pray for change and that this world would get better, but Jo Ann believes that in our praying, we must inspire, as well.  Our youth are in trouble if things continue as they are going right now, but we must STOP, pray and listen to the words of encouragement sent by God.

She is convinced that things will get better and that our youth will be saved.  She prays that we all continue to pray, and those who are sleeping, wake up and learn how to truly love and help those in need.

This book is dedicated to her mom, the late Elect Lady Janet Branch of Detroit, MI.


Vocal Artist...

Newly Released Gospel MP3 Single titled, "One Day at a Time" in December 2013.  Written by Jo Ann Travis-Clark and co-written and produced by Daniel Miree.

Released Gospel MP3 Single titled, "I Will Survive" in December 2011. Written and Produced by Tinea Morrison of Imoan Celese Songs. 

Previously Jo Ann debuted
CD Single - Letz Dance that
was of the R&B genre;
however, she has been
inspired to sing gospel and
while working on her new
gospel album, she released
a Biblically inspired book of 
poetry, titled "Saving Our
Youth Through Poetry."
Jo Ann Travis-Clark is a new Artist who debuted her CD Single - Letz Dance.  She was born and raised in
Detroit, Michigan and she currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee
where she works as an Accountant; however, she
has endeavored to pursue
her true passion...singing. 
Jo Ann has had a life long
dream of becoming a famous singer and songwriter.  She has the ability to write songs, poetry, plays, screenplays, sitcoms and all sorts of books. 

She has a host of writings
that will soon publish. 
Even though she faced
many obstacles when she attempted to pursue her
dreams in the past, she
never gave up hope.  She believes that no man
controls her destiny, only
she can with God's help. 
This is the beginning of
great things to come. 

Jo Ann has a passion to
release music that will heal relationships and cause
people to think highly of themselves. She believes
that positive music will 
create and maintain positive atmospheres.  

Jo Ann plans to become one
of the best songwriters and
vocal artists of our time.  She believes that God is the
source of her supply and he
has supplied her with her
many talents.  She is humble and knows that ALL good
things come from God!!!

Author of Novel...

Jo Ann Travis-Clark is an inspired writer who believes in encouraging young men and women in becoming leaders and not followers, that's why the novel titled, "The Influence" was written.  Today’s peer pressure has caused many lives to change unfavorably, and if more young men and women with positive attributes were leaders, this society would be better off.  This book is dedicated to her son, Steven Nicks.


Licensed Insurance Agent
(MI & TN)


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Debut Album Single "Letz Dance"




Song Title - Letz Dance