JoAnn Travis-Clark

Solo Recording Artist & Poet/Author

What Does Marriage Look Like? - Poem

What Does Marriage Look Like?

What does marriage look like?
Is it an amusement park full of rides, or is it a storm full of tides?
Should one expect to live happily ever after?
Or should we know that happiness comes from the master?

Is marriage like a rollercoaster that goes up and down?
Or is it like a stream that’s smooth and quiet but yet sound?
Is it like children that play and then fight?
Or is it like lovers that smile then cuddle all night?

Does marriage smell like roses given on a special day?
Or does it smell like waste that has spoiled, or bitterness array?
Does marriage look like the summertime with fun things to do?
Or does it look like a person saying, why did I do this….with you?

Well, marriage should look like a ministry that two people have vowed to take
Loving each other through thick and thin, no matter what the stake
Marriage is growing to love more than one did in the beginning
Striving through differences and fighting through pain yet avoiding an ending

Marriage should look like a young girl who smiles at certain times
And should be like a poet who writes nothing but nursery rhymes
Marriage is like a coin being tossed in the air
Not knowing where it will land, but when you see one, know that the other is there

Marriage is a method of give and take
Sharing and compromising for the other persons sake
We all should be aware of the obstacles that marriages face
Ending it should not be allowed because we have to finish this race

For the sake of the children now and those to come
Husbands love your wives and create a happy home
Pray together for peace to remain in your family
God will grant such, and use you as an example for all to see

For he is the master of the universe who creates all things
The one who tells us to say “I do” and then give us rings
Rings represent a circle that no one can break
This circle seals the deal that any man can make

So again ask yourself, “What does marriage look like?”
Your answer should be, like a batter who never misses a strike!